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Welcome to the World of Archamonde!
Archamonde means basically carrying out a complex organizational change program which results a completely new state of organizational culture where the old crisis-regenerating culture is ultimately replaced by a renewed inner world of organization.
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Az Archamonde az
Why Archamonde?
Archamonde is the unique expert of the so called ’overlap’ area which is a synthesis of the four main business consultant competences (people, technology, system and management).
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Nagyon sok szervezet kezdett már bele a LEAN kalandba. A sikertelen bevezetések legfőbb oka az Archamonde szerint a un. dehumanizált rendszerek problematikájában rejlik. (Megj.: A slidenak nem kell magyarázatot adnia, a magyarázatra hívja fel a figyelmét a slide. Az van a hivatkozás mögött.)
Human faced LEAN
Most of the companies have already started the LEAN adventure but harvested only limited results. The reason behind those many LEAN failures lies in the so called ’dehumanized’ management system problem.
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Az Archamonde a szervezetek fejlesztése során alapvetően az emberi kapcsolatok célorientált kialakítására a Kölcsönös Felelősségvállalás Rendszerének kialakítására törekszik. Archamonde, az Ön Partnere a komplex szervezetfejlesztésben.
Human era in Organizational Developments
Archamonde complex services ultimately aim to build the System of Mutual Responsibility at Your Company.
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Az üzleti élet, és a cégek közötti mindennapi kapcsolatok irányultsága visszavonhatatlanul megváltozott, az üzleti alapú együttműködést (Business to business) egyértelműen leváltja, az emberek közötti együttműködés (Human to human) kölcsönösségen alapuló koncepciója.”
Business relations are changing. Business to Business (B2B) relationships are turning into Human to Human (H2H) partnerships which are based on mutual responsibility.
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Why Archamonde?

All real organizational problems and challenges of operational competitiveness can be interpreted in this General Field of Competences in business consultancy, where most of the services available on consultancy market can be displayed in four quadrants.


Technology based organizational performance approach strives to achieve a competitive advantage by the fast changed modern technology – but usually it also means losing its focus on people who actually are supposed to operate the technology, so basically such kind of consultants try to integrate the people into the technology.

Productivity improvement specialists mainly focus on management systems, thus they accept the current technological level, and they think of solving organizational performance problems through developing strong management systems. For them the management aspect of an organization is much more important than the other ingredients of an operational system, but they don’t want to see the responsibilities of the management beyond the system utilization.

HR consultants focus only on the human resource providing trainings, workshops, team buildings etc., so they aim to develop people without paying too much attention to technology or system utilization.

It provides a sort of synergy between the four traditional management competency fields separately covered by the majority of business service providers. This is the reason why clients feel none of the specialized consultants can solve their complex problems – and thus use 3 or 4 different consultant companies to cover that need.

Archamonde is positioned as an expert of the “overleap area”.

The competitive edge of our method lies within this synergist role. Against the only HR developer consultants we can quantify the utilization and efficiency of our OD (training) programs through the client’s operative KPI system – because we understand the design and operation of these types of indicator systems.

On the other hand we also enjoy significant advantage against the engineering based technology and/or system consultants (including most of the LEAN providers) due to our human oriented (and not process engineering myopic) implementation approach. We believe that these are the fundamentals towards the learning organization.

Our competitive edge lies in our wide and comprehensive interpretation of organizations as a whole which leads us to understand better our client’s real state. Consequently our services surely can deliver more value added than any other:

1. Training company: due to our expertise in shop floor practices.
2. Technological consultant: due to our understanding of human behavior.
3. System, process designers: due to our transformation expertise of how engineering ideas can be translated into operator’s level.
4. Management/strategist consultant: due to our in-depth shop floor presence and implementation competence combined with solid endurance to achieve real change.

Our management systems are tailor made and we also train and develop the human resources in a complex way in order to make them enable to use these management systems to fulfill a higher performance.

Archamonde (re)humanize the different LEAN and other type of management systems – and by this it increases their utilization levels. Based on the balance of the managements system arrange the people among the system, and humanize or harmonize the utilization of the technology inside of the management system. We strongly believe that these are the COMPLEX AND INTEGRATED ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT. We consider ourselves as behavior therapists and specialists, because we always aim to design an integrated cooperation between humans/technology/ management systems



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